Group Consultations

With the continuation of restrictions for face to face meetings and a large number of people needing support for their diabetes care, Shipston Medical Centre has chosen to use a well-tested and innovative way to offer our patients support and protect both them and our staff against COVID 19. These sessions will run in the daytime and also in the evening if required.

A Group Consultation is a medical appointment facilitated by a clinician to a group of patients with similar health issues in a supportive group setting. Individuals are able to share their experience in order to support each other to improve everyone’s health outcomes. We are offering this exciting consultation via Microsoft Teams. The sessions are run by specialist nurses and give patients the opportunity to share and learn in a safe and confidential setting. The time together is much less restricted than face to face appointment, so patients can have an hour or more to share discussions about all aspects of their care.

We have already successfully completed several group consultations and the feedback has been excellent with comments such as;

“Excellence comes as standard, as a diabetes patient I felt in safe hands”

Regular review is important in order to protect your health. In the current circumstances, Group Consultation provides the best option to review your care. You will be invited to attend one of these sessions after you’ve seen the healthcare assistant for a blood test, blood pressure check and foot check. Please do talk to the clinician taking your blood if you need more information.

The Medical Centre intend to extend these successful group consultations for other chronic diseases, and we will update the website with our plans.